We are a new online platform for advancing composting across the nation and globe. Our mission is to build a regenerative, inclusive and equitable food system through the act of composting.

The 131° School of Composting is the educational branch of Compost Technical Services, a consulting practice founded by James McSweeney (author of Community-Scale Composting Systems). 

We are inviting Composters of all skill levels and sizes to join us in learning the fundamental science and practical art of compost making.

What we're up to

  • The 131° School’s Compost Operator Certificate

    Our first course offering (which is open for registration now) is a two-month online program focused on best practices for food scrap composting. The course is designed for any-size operation above the home-scale (commercial, on-farm, municipal, on-site).

  • Community of Practice

    A collaborative creation space is in the works where composters can develop business and systems concepts in solidarity with other socially and environmentally conscious practitioners.

  • Site Operator Conversations

    Meet some of the nation's most experienced compost facility operators and learn why they are so good at what they do!

What students are saying about The 131° School's Compost Operator Certificate course...

"We have begun implementing practices learned from this course already [...] 

Some include: optimized recipe development, a better understanding of troubleshooting, [and] better data tracking." ~Gina V

"Thank you for taking time to put together such thoughtful content. Looking forward to reviewing all this information through the extension of my composting career and throughout all of my life."  ~Enjoli F

"I found the resources, particularly the compost calculator, to be the most valuable. I was able to create a recipe for a business soon after going through that unit." ~Josh E

"Guest presenters were very interesting, textbook is excellent, but all aspects of the course are solid." ~Bruce H

Operator Discussion Series

Check out the current guest speaker Karl Hammer of Vermont Compost Company before we rotate to a new one!

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